Underground party

5th of December 2015, we participated in the bravest, underground street-racing party in Poland.
The party was organized at the airport hotel „Airport Hotel Okecie” in Warsaw. Party organized by: Stanisław Nader (Organizer), Battle Royal, Stan Euforii, Airport Hotel Okęcie.
The event took place in an underground garage and thanks to the smell of burning rubber and exhaust fumes in the air, it was a great time.
What happened? Lots of things happened!
The point of the party was to see a variety of cars. All cars were grouped into different classes and placed in different places. There were lots of different cars and too much to list all, but they were from a range from Lamborghini to different types of Audis such as RS6. The amount of cars was just astonishing. JDM also took place in this event which were cars from Japan such as Nissan or Subaru. Cars with amazing body work or lots of engine work done to them made the show interesting because each car had something different done. During this party, our two bolids (WUT I and WUT II) were brought and had their own very special place which was on the stage. Motorcyclists also brought their bikes especially sport bikes. Overall, this was a party that sums up with lots of horsepower all together!

The night of the party, Stan and Steve Carzasty performed burnouts in their Nissan that was built for drifting. During this moment, lots of people had a flashback from “Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.”

During the party as stated before, our bolids and different motorcycles were placed by and on the stage which looked astonishing because the DJ was surrounded with our bolids while the music was played. No party without music is a party and thanks to The Alzheimers, Nekene, Frenchy and TipTop for changing the atmosphere of the event.

At the party there were bars to go get something to drink or eat. With the hot atmosphere with all the different cars it was important to at least stay hydrated.

Not only was there great music, but couple minutes before midnight, ladies from TwerkOut performed on the stage. Many were speechless from what they saw!

If you would like to see pictures from the party, visit our photo album on our Facebook page.

Let the power be with you!
Team Wut Racing.

Text: Maciej Wajszczuk.
Photo. Tomasz Seruga.

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